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[编辑] M

macabre mace macerate machiavellian machination mackintosh maculated madrigal maelstrom maestro magenta magisterial magistrate magnanimous magnate magnetic magnetism magnify magniloquent magnitude magpie maim maintenance maize majestic makeshift maladroit malaise malapropism malcontent malediction malefactor maleficent malevolent malfeasance malfunction malice malicious malign malignant malinger malleable mallet malnutrition malodorous malpractice maltreat mammal mammoth manacle mandate mandatory maneuver mangle mania maniacal manifest manifestation manifesto manifold manipulate manipulative mannequin mannered mannerism mansion mantle manumit manure manuscript maple mar maraud marble mare margarine marginal marine mariner marionette marital maritime marrow marsh marsupial martinet martyr mash mask mason masquerade massacre massive mast mastery masticate matador mate materialize matriarchy matriculate matrimony matrix mattress mature maudlin maul mausoleum maven maverick mawkish maxim maximize mayhem maze meager mean meander measles measly measurable measured mechanics mechanism medal meddle meddlesome media median mediate medicate medieval mediocre mediocrity meditation meditative medium medley meek meet megalomania melancholy meld meliorism mellifluous melodrama melody melon membrane memento memorial menace mend mendacious mendacity mendicant menial menthol mentor mercantile mercenary merchandise mercurial meretricious merge merger merit meritorious mermaid mesa mesh mesmerize metabolism metallurgy metamorphose metamorphosis metaphor metaphysics meteoric meteorology methodical methodology meticulous metrical metropolitan mettle mettlesome miasma microbe microorganism microscope microscopic midget mien mighty migrant mildew milestone milieu militant militia milk millennium millinery mime mimic mimicry minaret minatory mince mincing mingle miniature minimize minion minnow mint minuet minuscule minute minutia mirage mire mirth misanthrope misapprehension misbehave miscalculate miscellany mischievous misconception misconduct misconstrue miscreant misdeed misdemeanor misdirect miser miserable miserly misfortune misgiving misguide mishap misinform misinterpret misjudge mislead misleading misnomer misogamy misogynist misperceive misplace misread misrepresent misshapen missile missive mistimed mistral misuse mite mitigate mitten mnemonics moan moat mobile mobility mock mockery moderate moderation moderator modest modestly modicum modify modish modulate mogul moist molar mold molding moldy molest mollification mollify mollusk mollycoddle molt molten moment momentary momentous momentum monarch monastery monetary mongrel monochromatic monochrome monocle monogamy monograph monolithic monologue monomania monopoly monotonous monotony monsoon monstrous montage monumental moody moor mope morale moralistic morass moratorium morbid mordant mores moribund moron morose morsel mortality mortar mortar mortgage mortification mortify mortuary mosaic mosque mote motif motility motionless motivate motivational motley mottled motto mountainous mountebank mourn mournful movement muddle muffle muffled muffler muggy mulch mulct mulish multifarious multiple multiply multitude mumble mundane municipality munificence munificent muniments munitions mural murky murmur muscular musculature muse mushroom musicologist musket muster musty mutable mutate mutation mute muted mutilate mutineer mutinous mutter mutton muzzy myopia myopic myriad mysterious mystery mythical mythology

[编辑] N

nadir nag naivety narcissism narcotic nasal nascent natation natty nausea nauseate nautical navigate naysay nebula nebulous necessitate necessitous necklace necropolis nectar needle needlework needy nefarious negate negligence negligent negligible negotiable nemesis neolithic neologism neonate neophyte nephritis nepotism nerve nerveless nestle nestling nethermost nettle neurology neurosis neurotic neutralize neutron nexus nib nibble nicety niche nick nicotine niggard niggling nightmare nihilism nil nimble nip nippers nipping nitpick nocturnal noisome nomad nomenclature nominal nominate nonchalant noncommittal nonconformist nonconformity noncontemporaneous nondescript nonentity nonesuch nonflammable nonobservance nonpareil nonplus nonporous nonradioactive nonsensical nonthreatening nontraditional nonverbal nonviable nonviolent nonviscous noose norm nostalgia nostalgic nostrum notability notch notoriety notorious nova novelty novice noxious nuance nubile nucleate nucleus nude nudge nugatory nullify numb numerology numerous numinous numismatic numismatist nunnery nuptial nymph

[编辑] O

oak oar oasis oatmeal obdurate obedient obeisance obelisk obese obfuscate obituary objection objectionable objective oblation obligation obligatory obliging oblique obliterate oblivion oblivious obloquy obnoxious obscure obscurity obsequies obsequious observable observance observant observatory obsession obsolescent obsolete obstacle obstinate obstreperous obstruct obtainable obtrude obtrusive obtuse obverse obviate obvious occidental occlude occult occupation occurrence octogenarian ocular oculist oddments ode odious odium odometer odoriferous odyssey offbeat offend offense offensive offhand officious offish off-key offset offspring offstage ogle ointment olfaction olfactory oligarchy omelet ominous omission omit omnipotent omniscient omnivorous oncologist onerous onset onslaught ontology onus ooze opacity opalescence opaque operative operetta ophthalmology opiate opine opinionated opponent opportune oppose oppress oppression oppressive opprobrious opprobrium optimism optimum optional optometrist opulent opus oracle oracular oration orator oratorio oratory orchard orchid ordain ordeal ordinance ordination ordnance ore organism orgy orient orientation orifice originality originate ornate ornithology orotund orthodontics orthodox orthodoxy orthopedics oscillate osmosis osseous ossify ostensible ostentation ostentatious ostracize ostrich other-directed otiose otter oust out-of-phase out-of-shape outbid outcast outdated outfit outfox outgoing outgrowth outlandish outlaw outlet outline outmaneuver outmoded outnumbered outrage outrageous outset outskirts outspoken outstrip outwit ovation overact overbearing overdose overdue overemphasize overestimate overexposure overflow overhaul overlap overlook overpower overpowering overreach override overriding overrule oversee overshadow overstate overt overtake overture overturn overweening overwhelm overwhelming overwrought ovoid owl oxidize oxymoron

[编辑] P

pachyderm pacify pack packed pact padding paean pagan pageant painkiller painstaking palatable palate palatial palaver paleography paleolithic paleontologist palette palings pall palliate pallid palmy palpable palpitate palter paltry pamper pamphlet pan panacea panache pancreas pandemic pandemonium pander pane panegyric panel pang panic panoply panorama pantheon panther pantomime pantry papyrus parable parabola paradigm paradox paragon parallel paralyze paramount paranoia paranoid paraphrase parasite parch parchment pare parenthesis pariah parity parlance parley parlous parody paroxysm parquet parquetry parry parse parsimonious parsimony partiality participant particular particularize partisan partition parturition parvenu passionate passive passivity pastel pasteurize pastiche pastime pastor pastoral pastry pasture patch patchwork patent patently pathetic pathology pathos patina patio patriarchy patrician patrimony patriotism patronage patronize paucity paunchy pauper pawn pawnbroker peak peaky pebble pecan peccadillo peck pectoral peculate peculiarity pecuniary pedagogue pedagogy pedal pedant pedantic pedantry peddle pedestal pedestrian pediatrics pedigree peek peel peer peerless peeve peevish pejorative pelf pellmell pellucid pelt pen penalize penalty penance penchant pendent pending pendulum penetrate penetrating penetration penicillin peninsula penitent penitentiary pennant pension pensive penultimate penumbra penurious penury peptic perambulate perceive perceiving perceptible perception perceptive perch percolate percussion percussionist peregrination peremptory perennial perfectionist perfervid perfidious perfidy perforate performance perfume perfunctory perigee peril perilous perimeter periodic periodical peripatetic peripheral periphery periphrastic periscope perish perishable perishing perjure perjury perky permanent permeable permeate permissive permutation pernicious peroration perpendicular perpetrate perpetual perpetuate perpetuation perpetuity perplexed perplexity perquisite persecute perseverance persevere persevering persiflage persist persnickety personable personage personification personnel perspective perspicacious perspicacity perspicuous perspire persuasion persuasive pert pertain pertinacious pertinacious pertinent perturb perturbation peruse pervade pervasive perverse perversion pervert pesky pest pester pesticide pestilent pestle petal petition petitioner petrifaction petrify petroglyph petroleum petrology pettish petty petulant phantom pharisaic pharmaceutical pharmacist pharmacology phenomenal phenomenology phial philander philanthropic philanthropist philanthropy philatelist philately philistine philology phlegmatic phobia phonetic phony photosynthesis phrase phylogeny phylum piano piazza pictorial piddling piecemeal pied pier pierce piercing piety pigment pilfer pilgrim pilgrimage pillage pillar pillory pincers pinch pine pinnacle pinpoint pipeline piquancy piquant pique pirate pirouette piscatorial pistol pitch pitch pitcher pitfall pith pithy pitiful pittance pivot pivotal placate placebo placid plagiarism plague plain plaintiff plaintive plait plane planetary plangent plank plankton plant plantation plaque plaster plastic plasticity plateau platitude plaudit plausible playwright plaza plead pleat plebeian pledge plenary plenitude pleonastic plethora pliable pliant pliers plight plinth plod plodding plot plough ploy pluck plucky plumage plumb plumber plumbing plume plummet plump plunder plunge plush plutocracy pneumonia pod podiatrist podiatry podium poetaster poignant pointless poise poised poisonous poke polarity polarization polemic polemical polish polished politic politicize poll pollen pollinate pollster poltroon polyandry polygamy polyglot polymath pompous poncho ponder ponderable ponderous poniard pontifical pontificate pony populace populous porcelain porcine porcupine pore porous porridge portable portend portent portentous portfolio portion portrait portraiture portray pose poseur posit positiveness posse possessed poster posterior posterity posthumous postpone postulate posture potable potation potency potent potentate potentiate potpourri potshot pottery pout practitioner pragmatic pragmatism prairie praise prance prank prate prattle preach preamble precarious precede precedence precedent precept precipice precipitant precipitate precipitation precipitous precision preclude precocious precognition preconception precursor precursory predator predecessor predestine predetermined predicament predilection predisposition predominant predominate preeminent preempt preen preface prefatory prefigure pregnant prehensile prehistoric prejudice prejudiced prejudicial prelate preliterate prelude premature premeditated premiere premise premium premonition preoccupation preoccupied preponderance preponderate preposition prepossessing preposterous prerequisite prerogative presage prescient prescribe prescribed prescript prescription presentation presenter preservation preservative preserve preside press pressing prestidigitation prestigious presume presumable presumption presumptuous presupposition pretence pretend pretension pretentious preternatural pretext prevail prevailing prevalent prevaricate prevarication preventive preview previous prevision prey prick prickle prickly prig prim primacy primary primate prime primer primeval primitive primordial primp principal principle priority pristine privation privilege probation probe probity proboscis proceeds procession proclaim proclivity procrastinate procrastination procreate procrustean proctor procure prod prodigal prodigality prodigious prodigy produce productive productivity profane proffer proficient profile profiteer profligacy profligate profound profundity profuse profusion progenitor progeny prognosticate prohibitive projectile projector proliferate prolific prolix prolixity prologue prolong promenade prominent promiscuous promote prompt promulgate prone pronounced prop propagate propagation propel propeller propensity prophecy prophet propinquity propitiate propitiatory propitious proponent proportion proposition propound proprietary propriety propulsion prorogue prosaic proscribe prosecute proselyte proselytize proselytizer prospective prospects prosper prosperous prostrate protagonist protean protest protocol prototype protract protracted protrude protuberant provenance provender proverbially provident provincial provision provisional provisory provocation provocative provoke prowess proximate proximity prude prudence prudery prudish prune prurient pry prospect providential prowl précis psalm psephology pseudonym psyche psychiatrist psychiatry psychoanalysis psychopathic psychosis psychotic puberty publicity publicize pucker puckish puddle puerile pugilism pugilist pugnacious puissance puissant pulchritude pullet pulley pullulate pulp pulpit pulsate pulsating pulverize pummel pun punch punctilious punctuation puncture pundit pungency pungent puny purblind purchase purebred purgative purgatory purge purification purify puritanical purlieu purloin purport purposively purse purvey pusillanimous putative putrefy putrid pygmy pylon pyre pyromania


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