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GRE Barron TOEFL 考研


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[编辑] GRE 红宝书

  • v. / n. ( 军队) 调遣; 策略, 操纵

[编辑] Webster Collegiate

I. noun

  • Etymology: French man?uvre, from Old French maneuvre work done by hand, from Medieval Latin manuopera, from manu operare to perform manual labor — more at manure
  • Date: 1758
  • 1.
    • a. a military or naval movement
    • b. an armed forces training exercise; especially an extended and large-scale training exercise involving military and naval units separately or in combination — often used in plural
  • 2. a procedure or method of working usually involving expert physical movement
  • 3.
    • a. evasive movement or shift of tactics
    • b. an intended and controlled variation from a straight and level flight path in the operation of an airplane
  • 4.
    • a. an action taken to gain a tactical end
    • b. an adroit and clever management of affairs often using trickery and deception
  • Synonyms: see trick

II. verb (~ed; ~ing)

  • Date: 1777
  • intransitive verb
    • 1.
      • a. to perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage
      • b. to make a series of changes in direction and position for a specific purpose
    • 2. to use stratagems ; scheme
  • transitive verb
    • 1. to cause to execute tactical movements
    • 2. to manage into or out of a position or condition ; manipulate
    • 3.
      • a. to guide with adroitness and design
      • b. to bring about or secure as a result of skillful management
  • ? ~ability noun
  • ? ~able adjective
  • ? ~er noun

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