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[编辑] A

abacus abandon abase abash abate abbreviate abdicate abdomen abduct aberrant abet abeyance abhor abhorrent abide abiding abject abjure ablution abnegate abnormal abode abolish abolition abominable abominate aboriginal abortive abound aboveboard abrade abreast abridge abridgment abrogate abruptly abscission abscond absentmindedness absolute absolve absorb abstain abstemious abstinence abstract abstracted abstraction abstruse absurd abundance abuse abut abysmal abyss academician accede accelerate accentuate access accessible accessory accidental acclaim acclimate acclivity accolade accommodate accommodating accompany accomplice accomplish accomplished accord accost accountability accrete accretion accrue accumulate accuracy accuse acerbic acidity acidulous acknowledge acme acolyte acorn acoustic acquaintance acquainted acquiesce acquired acquisition acquisitive acquittal acrid acrimony acrobat acronym acrophobia activate actuarial actuate acuity acumen acute adage adamant adaptable adaptation addendum addict addition additive addle adduce adept adequate adhere adjacent adjourn adjudicate adjunct adjure adjust adjutant ad-lib administer admirable admire admissible admonish adobe adolescent adopt adorable adore adorn adroit adulate adulterate adumbrate advent adventitious adventurous adversary adverse adversity advert advisable advocate aerate aerial aeronautics aesthete affable affect affectation affected affection affectionate affidavit affiliate affinity affirm affix afflict affluent affordable affront aftermath agape agenda agglomerate aggrandize aggravate aggregate aggression aggressive aggrieve aggrieved aghast agile agitate agitated agnostic agog agony agrarian agreeable agronomy ailment airborne airtight airy alabaster alacrity albeit alchemy alcove alert alias alibi alienate alight align alimentary alkali allay all-consuming allege allegiance allegory allergic allergy alleviate alley alliteration allocate allopathy allowance alloy allude allure alluring alluvial ally almond alms aloft aloof alphabetical alter altercation alternative altitude altruism aluminium amalgam amalgamate amass amateurish ambidextrous ambience ambiguous ambivalent amble ambrosia ambulatory ameliorate amenable amendment amenity amethyst amiable amicable amity amnesia amnesty amoral amorous amorphous amortize amphibian ample amplify amplitude amputate amulet amuse anachronism anachronistic anaerobic anagram analgesic analogue analogy analysis anarchist anarchy anathema anatomical ancestor anchorite ancillary anecdote anemia anesthetic anguish angular anhydrous animate animosity animus ankle annals annexation annihilate annotate announce annoy annoying annul anodyne anomaly anonymous anorexia antagonize Antarctic antecedence antecedent antedate antediluvian antenna anterior anthem anthology anthropoid anthropology antibiotic antibody antic anticipate anticlimax antidote antigen antihistamine antipathy antiquated antiseptic antithesis antitoxic anvil aorta apathy aperture apex aphasia aphorism apiary aplomb apocalyptic Apocrypha apogee apolitical apologist apologize apophasis apoplectic apostasy apostate apostrophe apothecary apothegm apotheosis appall appalling apparatus apparel apparition appeal appealing appease appellation appendage appendix appetizer applaud applicable applicant appoint apposite apposition appraise appreciable appreciate apprehend apprentice apprise approach approbation approbatory appropriate approve approximate apron apropos apt aquatic aqueduct aquifer aquiline arabesque arable arachnid arbiter arbitrary arbitrate arbor arboreal arcade arcane archaeology archaic archaism archer archetype archipelago architect archive arctic ardent ardor arduous arena argot argumentation aria arid aristocrat arithmetic armada armistice armory aroma arouse arraign arrangement array arrest arresting arrhythmic arrogant arrogate arroyo arsenal arson artery artful arthritis articulate artifact artifice artificial artillery artisan artistry artless ascend ascendancy ascendant ascent ascertain ascetic ascribe aseptic asinine askance askew asparagus asperity aspersion asphyxia asphyxiate aspirant aspiration assail assault assay assemble assent assert assess asset assiduous assimilate assist associate assorted assuage assume assumed assumption assure assured asteroid asthma astigmatic astound astounding astral astray astringent astrolabe astrology astronomy astute asunder asylum asymmetric asymptomatic asynchronous atheism athletics atlas atonal atone atrocious atrocity atrophy attach attain attentive attenuate attest attic attire attorney attraction attribute attrition attune atypical auction audacious audacity audible audit audition auger augment augur augury august aureole auricular aurora auspices auspicious austere austerity authentic authenticate authoritarian authoritative authority authorize autobiography autocrat automation autonomy autopsy auxiliary available avalanche avant-garde avarice avaricious avenge aver averse aversion avert aviary avid avocation avoid avow avulse avuncular awash awe awe-inspiring awkward awl awning awry axiom axiomatic axis axle azure

[编辑] B

babble bacchanal backdrop backhanded backset backslide backwater badge badger badinage baffle bail bait bale baleful balk ballad ballast ballerina balloon ballot ballroom balm balmy banal banality bandage bandy bane baneful banish banister bankrupt banquet banter barb barbarous barbecue bard bare barefaced barge bark barn barometer baron baroque barrage barren barricade barrier barrister barter base baseboard bashful bask bassoon baste bathetic baton bauble bauxite bawdy bawl bazaar beacon beam beat beatific beatitude beaver bedeck bedizen bedlam bedraggled beet befuddlement beget begrudge beguile behold beholden belabor belated belch beleaguer belie belittle bellicose belligerent bellwether belongings bemoan bemused bench benediction benefactor beneficent beneficial beneficiary benevolent benign benison bent bequeath bequest berate bereave berserk beseech beset besiege besmirch bespeak bestial bestow betoken betray betrayal betroth bevy bewail bewilder bewildering bewitch bias bibliography bibulous bicker bid biennial bifurcate bigot bigotry bile bilingual bilious bilk billow billowing bin biography biosphere biped birch bivouac bizarre blackball blackmail blade blanch bland blandishments blare blase blasphemy blast blatant blazon bleach bleachers bleak blemish bless blessing blight blighted blinds blissful blithe blizzard bloated blockade blockage blooming blossom blotch blouse blowhard bludgeon blue blueprint bluff blunder blunt blur blurb blurt blush bluster boastful bode bodyguard bog boggle bogus bohemian boisterous bolster bolt bolted bombardment bombast bondage bonnet bookcase boom boon boor boorish boost bootless bore boredom boring botany botch boudoir bough boulder bounteous bouquet bout bovine bowdlerize bower boycott brace bracelet bracing bracket brackish brag braggadocio braggart braid brake brand brandish brash brassy brat bravado bravura brawl brawny brazen breach breadth breakthrough breeder brevity bribe bricklayer bridle brilliant brim brindled brink brisk bristle brittle broach brocade broil broker bromide brooch brood brook brook browbeat browse bruise bruit brunt brushwork brusque brutal brute bubble buck bucket buckle bucolic bud budge budget buffoon bugaboo buggy bulb bulge bulk bullion bully bulwark bumble bump bumper bumptious bungle buoy buoyant bureaucracy burgeon burglar burlesque burnish burrow bust busybody butt buttress buxom bygone byline bypass byproduct bystander byzantine

[编辑] C

cabal cache cacophony cactus cadaver cadaverous cadence cadet cadge caisson cajole calamity calcification calcify calculated calculating calculus caldron calibrate calibre calipers calligraphy callous callow calorie calorimeter calumniate calumny camaraderie cameo camouflage campaign canard canary candid candidacy candor cane canine canker cannibal canny canon canonical canopy cant cantankerous cantata canter canto canvas canvass canyon capability capacious capacity cape caper capillary capitation capitulate caprice capricious capsize capsule caption captious captivate capture carafe carapace carat carbohydrate carbonated carcinogen cardinal cardiologist careen caress caret careworn caricature carillon carnage carnal carnation carnival carnivore carol carouse carp carpenter carrion cartographer cartoon carve cascade cast caste castigate casual casualty cataclysm catalog catalysis catalyst catalyze catapult cataract catastrophe catastrophic categorical category cater caterpillar catharsis cathartic cathedral catholic caucus caulk causal caustic cauterize cavalcade cavalier cavalry caveat cavern cavil cavity cavort cede celebrated celebrity celerity celestial celibate cellar cello cement cemetery censor censorious censorship censure census centaur centralization centrifugal centrifuge centripetal centurion cephalic ceramics cereal cerebral cerebration cerebrum ceremonious ceremony certainty certification certitude cessation cession chafe chaff chagrin chalice chameleon champion chancellor chandelier chant chantey chaos chaotic chapel char characteristic characterization characterize charade charisma charismatic charitable charity charlatan charter chary chase chasm chassis chaste chasten chastise chauvinism chauvinist check checkered cheetah cherubic chevron chiaroscuro chicanery chide chimera chimerical chip chipmunk chiromancy chirp chisel chivalrous chivalry choir choleric chord chore choreography chortle chorus chromatic chromosome chronic chronicle chronological chronometer chrysanthemum chuckle chunk churl ciliate cinder cipher circlet circuitous circulate circumference circumlocution circumscribe circumspect circumstance circumstantial circumvent cistern cite civilian civility claim clairvoyance clam clamor clamorous clamp clandestine clannish clapper clarify clarion clarity clash clasp classify clause claustrophobia clay cleanse cleavage cleave cleaver cleft clement clench cliché clientele climax clinch cling clinical clip clipper clique clog cloister closet closure clot cloture cloudburst clout clown cloy cloying clumsy cluster coach coagulant coagulate coagulation coalesce coalition coarse coarsen coax cob cobbler cocoon coda coddle code codicil codify coerce coeval coexistence coffer cogent cogitate cognate cognitive cognizant cognomen cohabit coherence coherent cohesion cohesive coincide colander cold-blooded collaborate collage collapse collar collate collateral collateral collected collection collide collision colloquial colloquialism colloquium colloquy collude collusion colon colonize colonnade colony coloration colossal colossus colt coltish coma comatose combat combustible combustion comedienne comely comestible comet comic comity comma command commandeer commandment commemorate commence commencement commend commendable commensurate commentary commentator commerce commercial commingle commiserate commission commit commitment committed commodious commodity commonplace commonsensical commotion communal communicable communicate commute commuter compact compact companion compartment compass compassion compassionate compatible compatriot compel compelling compendious compendium compensate compete competence competent compile complacent complaisant complement complexion complexity compliant complicate complicity compliment comply component comport compose composed composite compost composure compound comprehend comprehensible comprehensive compress compromise compulsion compulsive compulsory compunction concatenate concave conceal concede conceit conceive concentrate concentric conceptual concerted concerto concession conciliate concise conclave conclude concoct concomitant concord concordant concrete concurrent concussion condemn condense condescend condign condiment conditional condole condone condor conduce conducive conduct conductor conduit cone confection confederacy confer conference confess confide confident confidential configuration confine confirm confiscate conflagration conflate conflict confluence conform confound confront confuse congeal congenial congenital congest conglomerate congregate congruent congruous conifer conjecture conjoin conjugal conjunction conjure connive connoisseur connotation connubial conquer conquest consanguinity conscience conscientious consciousness conscript consecrate consensus consent consequent consequently conservation conservatism conservative conservatory conserve considerable considerate consign consistent console consolidate consonant consort conspectus conspicuous conspire constant constellation consternation constituent constitute constitution constrain constrict construct construe consul consult consume consumerism consummate contact contagion contagious contain containment contaminate contaminated contemplate contempt contemptible contemptuous contend content contented contention contentious contest contestant context contiguous continent contingency contingent continuation continuity contort contraband contract contradict contrary contrast contravene contravention contribute contribution contrite contrition contrive contrived control controversial controversy controvert contumacy contumely conundrum convalesce convalescence convalescent convene convention conventional conventionality converge convergent conversant converse conversion convert convertible convex convey conveyance convict conviction convince convinced convivial conviviality convocation convoke convoluted convoy convulse convulsion coop cooperate cooperation cooperative coordinate coordination copious coquette cord cordial cordially cordon core cornet cornice cornucopia corny corona coronation corporal corporate corporation corporeal corpulent corpus corpuscle corral correlate correlation correspondent correspondingly corroborate corroboration corroborative corrode corrosion corrugate corrugated corrupt corruption coruscate cosmopolitanism cosmos cosset costume cosy coterie coterminous couch cougar counsellor countenance counteract counterbalance counterfeit countermand counterpart counterproductive coup court courteous courtesy courtroom covenant covert covet covetous cow coward cowardice cowardly cower coy cozen crab crabbed crack craft crafty crag craggy cram cramp cramped cranky crass crate crater cravat crave craven craving crayon crease credence credential credible credit creditable credo credulity credulous creed creek creep crepuscular crescendo crest crestfallen crevice criminality cringe cringing crinkle cripple criterion critic critical critique croak crochet crockery cronyism crook crooked croon cross crossfire crotchety crouch crucial crude crudity cruelty crumb crumble crumple crusade crush crustacean crutch crux cryogenic crypt cryptic cub cubicle cuddle cuff cuisine culinary culminate culmination culpable culprit cult cultivate cultivation cumber cumbersome cumulative cumulus cunning cupidity curator curb curd curdle curfew curiosity curmudgeon curriculum currish cursive cursory curt curtail curvaceous cushion custodian custody customary cuticle cutlery cyclical cyclone cygnet cylinder cynic cynical cynicism cynosure cypress cytology


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