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[编辑] GRE考试改革内容

  1. Verbal部分的改革可能会包括:
    • 1.增加更多的文字采莲,比如增加文章的章节
    • 2.阅读材料的选材会更加广泛
    • 3.注重和研究生课程相关的技巧,比如复杂推理
    • 4.在机考中,对计算机的功能进行拓展
  1. Quantitative部分的改革可能包括:
    • 1.加深数学推理技巧的深度
    • 2.加宽数学推理技巧的广度
    • 3.题型将增加主观题,而不是只有选择题
    • 4.在机考中,对计算机的功能进行拓展
  • GRE V3 测试
    • 2004年10月7日举行。目的是测试GRE2006年改革后的题目。测试共分三个Verbal部分,其中有两个是全新的结构,即2006年GRE考试中部分的雏形。
  • 填空类型一
  • 单空六选二。
  • 题目要求:
    • Select two entries for the blank that a fit the context and b produce the two sentence most nearly alike in meaning.
  • 例题:

V3 Section3 Question6 Linguistic science conforms what experienced users of ASL-American Sign Language__have always implicitly known:ASL is grammatically __language, as capable of expressing a full range of syntactic relations as any natual spoken language. A.complete B.economical C.redundant D.spare E.unique F.unlimited

  • 填空题类型二
    • 多空三选一。
Each blank in the test indicates that something has been omitted. Click on the word or phrase in each column that best fits the corresponding numbered blank. Fill all the blanks in the way that best completes the test.

V3 Section2 Question19
Managers who think that strong environmental performance will (1) their xompany's financial performance often (2) claims that systems designed to help them manage environmental concerns are valuable tools. By contest, managers who perceive  environmental performance to be (3)to financial sucess may view an environmentalmanagement  system as extraneous. In either situation, and whatever their perception, it is manager's commitment to achieving
environmental improvement rather than the mere presence of a system that detemines environmental performance.

blank(1)              blank (2)                                        blank(3)
ecipse                uncritically accepted                      complementary
bolster               appropriately acknowledge           intrinsic
degrade             hotly dispute                                 peripheral

  • V3测试呈现的特点
    • 阅读量的增加。
    • 综合型题目的呈现。
    • 癫眩多选的结合出现。
    • 总题量的减少。

[编辑] 官方说明

GRE General Test Changes under Consideration

GRE® - Graduate Record Examinations® GRE General Test Changes under Consideration

The GRE® Program is considering significant changes to the General Test to

   * increase test validity
   * enhance security measures
   * provide faculty with better information regarding applicants' performance
   * make better use of advances in technology and psychometric design.

The GRE Program plans to implement these changes in October 2006.

Changes planned include the following: Verbal Reasoning

   * Greater emphasis on higher cognitive skills and less dependence on vocabulary
   * More text-based materials, such as reading passages
   * A broader selection of reading passages
   * Emphasis on skills related to graduate work, such as complex reasoning
   * Expansion of computer-enabled tasks (e.g., highlighting a sentence in a passage that serves the function described in the question).

Quantitative Reasoning

   * Quantitative reasoning skills that are closer to skills generally used in graduate school
   * Decrease in the proportion of Geometry questions
   * Increase in the proportion of questions involving "real-life" scenarios
   * Better use of technology (e.g., on-screen calculator).

Analytical Writing

   * New, more focused prompts that reduce the possibility of reliance on memorized materials
   * The Issue and Argument tasks, each are 30 minutes in length.

As the direction of the potential changes is decided, information on the GRE Web site will be updated.