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  • n. 绝食, 斋戒 adv. 很快地, 紧紧地
  • [类] fast : eat / respite : labor / moratorium : act ( 斋戒是暂时停止进餐 / 休息是暂时停止劳动 / 延迟是暂时停止行动) 反义词: loosely attach ( 宽松地连接)

[编辑] Webster Collegiate

I. adjective

  • Etymology: Middle English, from Old English f?st; akin to Old High German festi firm, Old Norse fastr, Armenian hast
  • Date: before 12th century
  • 1.
    • a. firmly fixed <roots fast in the ground>
    • b. tightly shut <the drawers were fast>
    • c. adhering firmly
    • d. not easily freed ; stuck <a ball fast in the mouth of the cannon>
    • e. stable <movable items were made fast to the deck>
  • 2. firmly loyal <became fast friends>
  • 3.
    • a. characterized by quick motion, operation, or effect:
      • (1) moving or able to move rapidly ; swift
      • (2) taking a comparatively short time
      • (3) imparting quickness of motion <a fast bowler>
      • (4) accomplished quickly
      • (5) agile of mind; especially quick to learn <a class for fast students>
    • b. conducive to rapidity of play or action
    • c.
      • (1) of a timepiece or weighing device indicating in advance of what is correct
      • (2) according to or being daylight saving time
    • d. contributing to a shortening of exposure time <fast film>
    • e. acquired with unusually little effort and often by shady or dishonest methods <had a keen eye for a fast buck — R. A. Keith>
  • 4.
    • a. securely attached <a rope fast to the wharf>
    • b. tenacious <a fast hold on her purse>
  • 5.
    • a. archaic sound asleep
    • b. of sleep not easily disturbed
  • 6. not fading or changing color readily
  • 7.
    • a. wild <a pretty fast crowd>
    • b. sexually promiscuous
  • 8. resistant to change (as from destructive action or fading) <fast dyes> — often used in combination<sunfast><acid-fast bacteria>
  • Synonyms:

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