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[编辑] GRE 红宝书

  • n.阴影; 细微差别
  • [英] n.阴影;细微差别 ( a minute difference;nuance)
  • [例] delicate shades of meaning ( 意义上细微的差别)

[编辑] Webster Collegiate

I. noun

  • Etymology: Middle English, from Old English sceadu; akin to Old High German scato shadow, Greek skotos darkness
  • Date: before 12th century
  • 1.
    • a. comparative darkness or obscurity owing to interception of the rays of light
    • b. relative obscurity or retirement
  • 2.
    • a. shelter (as by foliage) from the heat and glare of sunlight
    • b. a place sheltered from the sun
  • 3. an evanescent or unreal appearance
  • 4. plural
  • 5.
    • a. a disembodied spirit ; ghost
    • b. — used to signal the similarity between a previously encountered person or situation and one at hand; usually used in plural<shades of my childhood>
  • 6. something that intercepts or shelters from light, sun, or heat: as
    • a. a device partially covering a lamp so as to reduce glare
    • b. a flexible screen usually mounted on a roller for regulating the light or the view through a window
    • c. plural sunglasses
  • 7.
    • a. the reproduction of the effect of shade in painting or drawing
    • b. a subdued or somber feature
  • 8.
    • a. a color produced by a pigment or dye mixture having some black in it
    • b. a color slightly different from the one under consideration
  • 9.
    • a. a minute difference or variation ; nuance
    • b. a minute degree or quantity
  • 10. a facial expression of sadness or displeasure
  • ? shadeless adjective

II. verb (shaded; shading)

  • Date: 14th century
  • transitive verb
    • 1.
      • a. to shelter or screen by intercepting radiated light or heat
      • b. to cover with a shade
    • 2. to hide partly by or as if by a shadow
    • 3. to darken with or as if with a shadow
    • 4. to better or exceed by a shade ; surpass, eclipse
    • 5.
      • a. to represent the effect of shade or shadow on
      • b. to add shading to
      • c. to color so that the shades pass gradually from one to another
    • 6. [trn] to

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