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[编辑] GRE 红宝书

  • n. ( 船) 货舱
  • [类] door : room / hatch : hold ( 房间的入口是门 / 船舱的入口是舱盖)

[编辑] Webster Collegiate

I. verb (held; holding)

  • Etymology: Middle English, from Old English healdan; akin to Old High German haltan to hold, and perhaps to Latin celer rapid, Greek klonos agitation
  • Date: before 12th century
  • transitive verb
    • 1.
      • a. to have possession or ownership of or have at one's disposal <holds property worth millions><the bank holds the title to the car>
      • b. to have as a privilege or position of responsibility <hold a professorship>
      • c. to have as a mark of distinction <holds the record for the 100-yard dash><holds a PhD>
    • 2. to keep under restraint <hold price increases to a minimum>: as
      • a. to prevent free expression of <hold your temper>
      • b. to prevent from some action <ordered the troops to hold fire><the only restraining motive which may hold the hand of a tyrant — Thomas Jefferson>
      • c. to keep back from use <ask them to hold a room for us><I'll have a hot dog, and hold the mustard>
      • d. to delay temporarily the handling of <please hold all my calls>
    • 3. to make liable or accountable or bound to an obligation <I'll hold you to your promise>
    • 4.
      • a. to have or maintain in the grasp <hold my hand><this is how you hold the racket>; also aim, point <held a gun on them>
      • b. to support in a particular position or keep from falling or moving <hold me up so I can see><hold the ladder steady><a clamp holds the whole thing together><hold your head up>
      • c. to bear the pressure of ; support <can the roof hold all of that weight>
    • 5. to prevent from leaving or getting away <hold the train>: as
      • a. to avoid emitting or letting out <how long can you hold your breath>
      • b. to restrain as or as if a captive <the suspect was held without bail><held them at gunpoint>; also to have strong appeal to <the book held my interest throughout>
    • 6.
      • a. [trn] to enclose and keep in a container or

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