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2002年11月GRE填空详解 黄颀


[编辑] SECTION 1

  • 1. Although she gives badly ____ titles to her musical compositions, they ____ unusual combinations of materials including Gregorian chant, Asian scale patterns and rhythms, electronic sounds, and bird songs.
  • A. exotic… belie
  • B. eccentric…deploy
  • C. traditional…exclude
  • D. imaginative…disguise
  • E. conventional… incorporate

  • 2. Even though the folktales Partout collected and retold were not solely French in origin, his versions of then were so decidedly French in style that later anthologizes of French folktales have never ____ them.
  • A. excluded
  • B. admired
  • C. collected
  • D. promoted
  • E. comprehended
  • 3. In arguing against assertions that environmental catastrophe is imminent, her book does not ridicule all predictions of doom but rather claims that the risks of harm have in many cases been ____.
  • A. exaggerated
  • B. ignored
  • C. scrutinized
  • D. derided
  • E. increased
  • 4. There seems to be no ____ the reading public’s thirst for books about the 1960’s: indeed, the normal level of interest has ____ recently because of aspiration of popular television documentaries.
  • A. quenching… moderated
  • B. whetting… mushroomed
  • C. curtailing… waned
  • D. ignoring… transformed
  • E. slaking… increased

  • 5. Despite a tendency to be overtly ____, the poetry of the Middle Ages often sparks the imagination and provides lively entertainment, as well as pious sentiments.
  • A. diverting
  • B. emotional
  • C. didactic
  • D. romantic
  • E. whimsical

  • 6. One of the first ____ of reduced burning in Amazon rain forests was the chestnut industry: smoke tends to drive out the insects that, by pollinating chestnut tree, allow chestnuts to develop.
  • A. reformers
  • B. discoveries
  • C. casualties
  • D. critics
  • E. beneficiaries

  • 7. The research committee urged the archaeologist to ____ her claim that the tomb she has discovered was that of Alexander the Great since her initial report has been based only on ____.
  • A. disseminate… supposition
  • B. withdraw… evidence
  • C. undercut… caprice
  • D. document… conjecture
  • E. downplay… facts

[编辑] SECTION 3

  • 1. The scientist found it puzzling that his theory encountered ______ despite widespread agreement that it was _______
  • A. respect … crucial
  • B. dismissal…simplistic
  • C. skepticism…unfathomable
  • D. opposition…indisputable
  • E. acceptance…comprehensive
  • 2. The rate at which soil can absorb water ______ with continuous wetting, so the longer a ______ lasts, or the greater the rate of precipitation, the higher the percentage of water that will flow across the ground as runoff and enter stream channels.
  • A. rises… deluge
  • B. diminishes… drought
  • C. increases… shower
  • D. decreases… rainstorm
  • E. stabilizes…thaw
  • 3. The ideas expressed in the art historian’s book are more_____ than one would expect on the basis of her rather _____ treatment of her subject in the opening pages.
  • A. compelling… intriguing
  • B. accessible… recondite
  • C. hidebound… reactionary
  • D. insightful… innovative
  • E. dispassionate… evenhanded

  • 4 The meeting on environmental issues produced ____ discussion but no commitment on a plan of action: the many uncertainties surrounding global climatic change and the huge cost of efforts to limit it made the policymakers ____.
  • A. little… voluble
  • B. heated… contentious
  • C. cordial… quarrelsome
  • D. frustrating… affable
  • E. interminable… businesslike
  • 5.Art that endures often makes an initially disturbing impact: the profound experience that such art seeks to provoke necessarily engenders a certain____.
  • A. familiarity
  • B. ennui
  • C. upheaval
  • D. intimacy
  • E. tranquility
  • 6. The history of film reflects the ____ inherent in the medium itself: film combines still photographs to represent continuous motion and, while seeming to present life itself, can also offer impossible and dreamlike unrealities.
  • A. trivialities
  • B. biases
  • C. constraints
  • D. paradoxes
  • E. liabilities
  • 7. The ____ with which the politician peppers her speeches are so memorable that many people think of her as being far more ____ than she in fact is.
  • A. superlatives… egalitarian
  • B. pejoratives…optimistic
  • C. examples… soporific
  • D. diatribes… censorious
  • E. malapropisms… straightforward


[编辑] 解析:

[编辑] ECTION 1

  • 1、根据主干大法,本题的线索主词是she、titles和they、combinations,显然这里they只能是指代her musical compositions (看作titles的同义重复),也就是说句子的转折围绕titles展开。转折前对于titles的评价由第一空决定,转折后titles(they)的评价由unusual combinations决定(这取决于第二空的动词是正评价还是负评价),如果第二空是正评价词,表明titles与unusual combinations一致,那么转折前就应该相反,所以第一空填unusual combinations的反义表达;如果第二空是负评价词,表明titles与unusual combinations相反,所以第一空填unusual combinations的同义表达。第一空只有CE是清楚的unusual combinations的反义表达,候选。第二空选项单词正负评价正好相反(这是ETS惯用思路,2空题先变成2选1,再取舍就容易多了),根据前面逻辑分析只能选正评价的词汇,所以答案是E。


  • 2、太简单了!显然空格后面的them指代前面的his versions,由so 。。。 that结构知道是同义重复,所以that前是his versions与French一致,那么后面也必然是这样,空格前出现负评价词never,所以空格处必须填负评价词。只有唯一的A是负评价词。


  • 3、主干是清晰的not。。。but结构,但是我们不能确定all predictions of doom与the risks of harm是否同义重复,所以需要参考伴随状态的In arguing against assertions that environmental catastrophe is imminent,而在这里我们清晰地发现了the risks of harm的同义重复environmental catastrophe。伴随状态一定与主句一致,意思是对environmental catastrophe is imminent进行arguing against驳斥,所以空格中的词汇既然是claims指出的就应该与驳斥的相反,所以应该体现出not imminent。只有A。


  • 4、第一空无法轻松判断,第二空是现在完成时并且出现了recently(重要的时间对比特征词,最近发生的动作一定是与以前相反),前面无论是否出现about the 1960’s也应该知道一般现在时There seems to be表示一般惯常状态,现在完成时+ recently表示最近发生的动作,是对过去或者一般状态的改变,所以“no+第一空”应该与第二空相反(题感好的同学应该能够马上觉察到the reading public’s thirst与the normal level of interest是同义重复,尤其是thirst 与interest很明显),以前thirst没有什么和现在interest有什么,正好与时间相反一致,两空填同义词即可,只有C。注意moderate不表示quenching熄灭。

注意时间相反题型的特点:1、时间相反一切相反。2、总是后者否定前者。3、现在否定过去,将来否定现在,更远的将来否定较近的将来。 参考译文:看起来20世纪60年代阅读人群对书籍的渴望并没有减少;事实上,兴趣的正常标准只是最近下降了,因为人们渴望通俗的电视文献片。

  • 5、简单的转折题。空格由sparks the imagination and provides lively entertainment取反决定,要想不幻想不生动不娱乐,只有C(didactic说教的)啦。


  • 6、冒号表示同义重复,后面显然对烟是负评价,所以前面说减少燃烧也就是减少烟显然是好的情况,所以空格填正评价词,一眼看出E最合适。阅读中注意一般不去看in后面的东西,否则你很可能会粗略读后把“在亚马逊雨林中减少焚烧”理解成“减少燃烧亚马逊雨林”。


  • 7、第一空填正还是负评价的动词要依据since后面的内容。that the tomb she has discovered was that of Alexander the Great是声明的具体内容,不需要读。initial report决定了最初的东西肯定是不完善的有问题的(这在学术英语中几乎是必然),而且有only帮助推断,所以第二空一定是负评价词ACE。最初的是不好的,后来的就应该是好的啦,不过这里没有时间对比因素,因为主句是过去时(urged)。所以这里her claim一定是her initial report的同义重复,所以要对它进行负评价,只有C啦。


[编辑] SECTION 3

  • 1、简单的转折,第一空填agreement的反义词,直接一点D最好啦,范围大一些就候选BCD,第二空显然是由agreement决定填正评价词,只有D了。


  • 2、无论是基本阅读还是技巧都能轻松做对。按阅读解:伴随持续潮湿的状态,土壤吸水的比率当然下降,第一空BD,so表示因果同义重复,什么越持续,水分越高,BD正好相反,当然是D啦。按技巧解:单独的or表示并列同义重复,所以第二空等于precipitation,只有ACE,再看第一空, AC与D正好相反,看不看懂都马上选出D。


  • 3、句子主干是简单的AB两者比较,A比B更如何?AB相反,所以第一空由A决定,第二空是B的特征,所以两空相反,只有B。注意这里rather是副词。


  • 4、单词比较难!but后面是no commitment,“没有约定”是负评价,前面就应该是正评价,第一空填正评价词BCD,冒号后面是解释。根据主干大法简化为uncertainties made the policymakers空格。不确定性使得决策者怎么样?当然是不确定啦BC。在许多字典上contentious与quarrelsome是同义词。注意:Contentious强调的是有不同意见,重点是“争”,而quarrelsome强调的是不同意见导致的争吵,重点是“吵”。此题没说到吵,所以答案是B。

参考ETS对本题的解释:The word “quarrelsome” is improper here for describing the controversial views harbored by different persons but emphasizes the shadow of anger and aggression gratuitous in this sentence. 参考译文:环境问题会议产生了激烈的争论但是没有行动决议:围绕着全球气候改变和防止它改变需要的巨大花费等问题上的不确定性使得政策决定者们争议不休。

  • 5、此题还是单词太难。根据技巧主干简化为:Art 产生disturbing impact,后面experience产生空格,而experience由艺术引起,可以视为art的同义重复,所以冒号前后完全一致,空格中选出disturbing impact 的同义词BC。注意:disturbing让人烦恼,而ennui指的是无聊,不让人开心但是也不让人烦恼,而重点显然是impact,能够表示一种负评价的行为结果的只有C。


  • 6、冒号是解释重复,后面整句话解释空格。单独的and表明空格要么满足2者之一即可,但是没有单词能表现出combines,但是D却很好地表现了while seeming to present life itself, can also offer impossible and dreamlike unrealities。


  • 7、so。。。that同义重复。什么让人印象深刻以至于人们认为她比实际更什么?显然两空一定同义。只有D。注意A more ____ than B表示AB相反,空格由A决定,也可以由B取非决定。本题中B是she in fact is,信息不够,所以只好由so memorable that结构从前面找,从而快速判断出答案。


[编辑] Note


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